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Black-Eyed Susan Day

Updated: Thursday, May 23 2013, 12:39 PM EDT
"Absolutely perfect" are the only words than can describe the beautiful day out at Pimlico on Friday for this year's running of the Black-Eyed Susan race. Sunny and a balmy 80 degrees made for a great, fun day at the track. I've been attending this "day before" race for about 7 or 8 years, and its popularity keeps increasing-- to the point where the crowds are getting to be almost as robust as Preakness itself. In the concourse, I ran into Sinclair Broadcasting's house counsel Barry Faber on my way to grabbing a Black-Eyed Susan cocktail (warning: it's been reformulated this year, and it's not an improvement; bring back the classic drink!) I settled into a grandstand seat along with a crew that included Erin Murphy, Brian Thompson, Lou Licata, Joe Alvarina, Denis Nash, Stacy Swann, Celeste Corsaro of Trenchcoat Marketing and a bunch more. In the course of the afternoon, I encountered John Packett, Donnie Feltz, Danielle Scarcia, PR guru Barb Clapp, Alex Cooper's Jon Levinson, Willis Macgill, Sara Schmidt, Alex Shek, James MacFarlane, Patrick Gorman (back in town visiting from LA), Cana Development's Mike Morris, Caesars Entertainment's Alex Dixon (new to town-- he'll be running the new Horseshoe Casino coming to downtown) and Atlantic Wine & Spirits honcho Henry Wright. Between catching up with folks and soaking in the picture-perfect afternoon, I did manage to study the program and bet on four races-- three losses, one moderate win. I'll take it.Black-Eyed Susan Day

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