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Boxing Day Party

Updated: Friday, December 27 2013, 01:13 PM EST

Sloane Brown, society reporter for The Sun, hosts a "leftovers party" every year on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. It's a chance to enjoy a holiday party without having to dress up, and to unload some of the foods and desserts hanging around the house after all the formal festivities are wrapped up. Sloane and her husband, Dr. Steve Sobelman, invite friends from around town to stop by and bring leftovers and stray bottles of wine, which they supplement with some large trays of pasta and salads. It's a fun, quirky mix (both the dinner spread and the crowd), and not to be missed. The elevator door at the Ritz-Carlton slid open to reveal a party in full swing when I arrived a little past 8 o'clock, and I was immediately greeted by Ruth Shaw boutique owner Ray Mitchener and his partner, Brian Comes. I then sought out the hostess to deliver my contribution to the buffet, a large container of garlic mashed potatoes. More helloes from lobbyist Curt Decker, restaurateurs Sascha Wohlhandler & hubby Steve Suser, and film and TV set designer Vince Peranio & wife Dolores Deluxe. It was fun to catch up with restaurateur Karen Patten, Office of Promotion & the Arts director Bill Gilmour, and development professional Nan Rosenthal. I then loaded up a plate and made my way into the living room and joined a group around the coffee table which included TV game show host Pat Sajak and Dina Klicos. I stopped by the dessert spread for a cookie and a short conversation with WBAL TV's investigative reporter Jane Miller and said hi to Fresh boutique owner Heidi Slacum. By now the party was beginning to thin out a bit, and I spied another familiar face across the room-- Maria Portera, of Ralph Lauren Home in NYC, who was back in Baltimore visiting family for the holidays. By this point, most of the food was gone, the wine bottles emptied, and dessert trays cleared. Always a nice way to wind down the holiday party season.

(Shown above: The Ritz-Carlton residences in Baltimore.)

Boxing Day Party

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