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Four Seasons/Clipper Mill Pool Party

Updated: Monday, June 3 2013, 04:28 PM EDT

I started out Friday evening with a stop-by at the Four Seasons Hotel in Harbor East. In the lobby, I met up with food blogger Amy Langrehr, Karen Newell and Four Seasons director of public relations, Audrey Slade. She guided us upstairs to the pool deck, with its sweeping views out over the Inner Harbor. The sun was beginning to sink low in the sky as the hazy, hot Friday afternoon slowly turned to evening-- a perfect time to sample... boozey popsicles! Hotel beverage director Tiffany Dawn Soto approached, bearing a woven box, set it down on our table, and whisked off the cover to reveal the 'poptails.' "They're strawberry cheesecake flavor," she said. "And they're boozey." And they're delicious, I might add. Soto explained that the outdoor pool decks at the hotel will be offering them all summer long, and in various flavors. She recently perfected them, and said they'll also offer them in non-alcoholic versions. Over the next 45 minutes, Soto mixed us up her versions of summertime classics, including a mojito and a margarita. The mojito, one of my favorites, was a real winner-- Soto uses raw sugar, rather than simple syrup, and her method of muddling keeps the mint leaves intact (the better to prevent random bits of mint leaves floating throughout the drink and clogging one's straw). Soto explained her rationale behind pool cocktails: classics with a minimum number of ingredients, so that sunbathers won't be stuck in long lines waiting for the bartenders to be make complicated, time-intensive concoctions. Works for me! Sufficiently cooled off, I had the valet bring my car around, and I headed uptown to Clipper Mill.

The Clipper Mill Pool was hopping when I arrived for the annual season kick-off party at 7:30. The pool itself, and the surrounding patios and lawns were full of partiers of all ages. A band played live from an overhead balcony, barkeep Cory Polyoka was slinging punches and rum runners, and chef Spike Gjerde was busy flipping burgers behind the outdoor grill. Guests included Ned and Jim Halle, Glen Trosch, Ben Greenwald, Dianne Rohrer, John Marsh, Michelle Geczy, Celeste Corsaro and Andy Norris. After the festivities around the pool died down at 10 p.m., we walked across the street to Woodberry Kitchen and took a large seating area outdoors next to the firepit. We ordered a long list of dishes for grazing, as the group stayed late into the night. We were presently joined by Food Market co-owner Elon Kotz, and Spike joined us after closing down the grill at the pool. He let me in on the fact that he'd just inked a deal to take over the shuttered restaurant space at Belvedere Square (former home to Taste and Crush). That's certainly good news.

(Shown above: The pool party scene at Clipper Mill Pool.)

Four Seasons/Clipper Mill Pool Party

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