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Lord & Lady Baltimore Gala

Updated: Tuesday, April 15 2014, 01:28 PM EDT
Some 325 revelers packed the Calvert Ballroom at the Lord Baltimore Hotel downtown on Saturday night for the Lord & Lady Baltimore Gala. The party was hosted jointly by the hotel and the Maryland Historical Society to mark the permanent installation of the Lady Baltimore statue at the MHS as well as the unveiling of the newly renovated Lord Baltimore Hotel. The evening kicked off with a cocktail reception on the mezzanine of the hotel, overlooking the bustling and beautifully redecorated lobby. Lords and ladies in black tie attire and sweeping gowns arrived in grand manner, and soon the entire mezzanine was buzzing with attendees. Lots of familiar faces here: Eleanor & Peter Landauer, Mary & Daniel Helfrich, Laura & Parker Mount, Avery & Nick Zupancic, Shannon & John Ware, Victor Acosta, Myron Coplin, Joanna Engstrom, Lisa Schatz & Tom Lopez, Stacy Swann & Denis Nash, Jayson Williams and plenty more were part of the scene. After an hour, everyone ascended one flight up to the grand, newly restored Calvert Ballroom, where dinner seating for 250 guests awaited. While table-hopping, I visited with Marcy Sagel, Carrie Arbaugh, Jim Halle, David Berman, Jamye & Steve Stern, Tracy Sutton, Michael & Diana Fishman, Willis Magill, Terry Ann Hearn, Aubrey Good, Ned Walton, Burt Kummerow, Louise Hayman, and Alicia & Stuart Matthai. The band started up as dinner concluded, and as desserts were served buffet-style, a second-tier of the party kicked in, with another 75 guests arriving at the 9 o'clock hour. As many guests flooded the dancefloor, another contingent headed upstairs to the 19th floor, where an open-air terrace awaited guests with a cognac and cigar bar. Guests enjoyed the pleasant night air and the bird's-eye view of the tops of the surrounding buildings in Baltimore's downtown skyline. While the terrace was packed and proved popular, when I headed back down to the main ballroom at 11:45, the dancefloor there was still crowded with partygoers. In fact, many guests made it a very late night, and planned for it by taking hotel rooms for the night!

(Shown above: The crowd settles in for dinner in the grand Calvert Ballroom at the Lord Baltimore Hotel.)Lord & Lady Baltimore Gala

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