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Ramp Toast with House Made Sourdough

Updated: Tuesday, May 7 2013, 01:31 PM EDT

Ramp Toast with house made sourdough, cherry glenn goat cheese, Cunningham Farm radish, pickled ramps

Ramp Butter for Toast
1/2 lb. cleaned ramps stems and greens, bulbs removed and reserved for pickles
1/2 lb. butter
A splash of vegetable stock, chicken stock or water
1 tablespoon butter
4 tablespoons parmesan

1. Plunge ramps stems and greens in a large pot of water generously seasoned with salt for about 1 minute. Remove, shock in a bowl of ice water, and  remove ramps form water when completely chilled.
2. Squeeze ramps to remove excess water and place in a blender. Turn blender on low; add just enough stock or water to get the ramps spinning. Gradually increase blender speed to high; adding half the butter, once partially incorporated add the remaining butter. Continue to puree until the friction from the blender warms up the puree just enough to incorporate the butter with the puree. Add parmesan, puree until smooth, and transfer to a cold bowl and chill until thickened and spreadable.

To Finish:
Butter and oil as needed
One three quarters on an inch piece of rustic sourdough
Fresh goat cheese
Ramp butter
Shaved radish
Pickled ramps, sliced (see recipe below)
Bitter baby greens and edible flours (optional)
Fried egg (optional)

1. Place about a 1/2 teaspoon of both butter and oil in a saute pan or skillet, place bread in pan to toast until golden brown and repeat on the other sides; remove.
2. Spread on chilled ramp butter, top with goat cheese, pickled ramps and radish. Cut into sizeable portions and serve.

Pickled Ramps:
1/3 pound ramps, cleaned and coarsely chopped
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons sugar
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup rice vinegar
1/2 chili pepper, seeds removed, minced

1. In a bowl add ramps and sprinkle with salt.
2. In a small saucepan, simmer sugar, water, vinegar and chili until sugar is dissolved.
3. Let cool slightly then pour over the ramps.
4. Let this sit for at least one hour. Re boil when ready to pour into canning jar.

1. Clean product thoroughly (peal or cut away root ends if needed and rinse)
2. Remove lids and seals
3. Run jars through dish machine
4. Dampen a towel with sanitizer solution and wipe seal portion of lid (avoid touching adhesive portion if possible)
5. Place product in jars
6. Pour hot pickling into canning jar, place on seal and screw top on tightly and then loosen by 1/4 turn.
7. Place in a simmering water bath covered for 10-15 minutes (a rondo lined with a kitchen towel works nicely).
8. Place in dry storage.

Ramp Toast with House Made Sourdough

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Baltimore, MD 21202
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Bagby Events:

Fleet Street Kitchen

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Mon.-Fri., 5-6:30pm, Food & Drink Specials

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An Evening of Riesling Wine Dinner With Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyards

July 24th, 6pm

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Tickets are $79/pp, not including gratuity and tax. Tickets may be purchased by calling 410-244-5830 or by visiting Fleet Street Kitchen. The menu for the dinner is currently online at

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 Mon. - Fri., 5pm-7pm, Food & Drink Specials

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