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New Attraction at the Maryland State Fair: Goat Mountain

Updated: Friday, August 23 2013, 02:30 PM EDT

The annual Maryland State Fair has a new attraction this year – Goat Mountain.

The attraction is filled with young goats who were all born earlier this year. The young female goats are called does and the boys are called wethers. The young animals climb, jump and play all over the habitat at the fairgrounds.

"They love to climb. They love to jump. They love to go under things and do through things," Brenda Strohmer of Strohmer's Farm in Woodstock, MD said. "It brings awareness to the goats and it brings an attraction. It's simply different. It's a different aspect of looking at them, other than being tied up and caged up."

Next year the attraction is set to be even bigger with a larger mountain and some mama and baby pairings.

The goats will be on display every day at the fair.

For more information on the Maryland State Fair at the Timonium Fairgrounds, visit:

New Attraction at the Maryland State Fair: Goat Mountain

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