Consumer Reports

Plenty of people love french fries. Trouble is for years they've been loaded with trans fat, as well as saturated fat. But this past summer, Wendy's announced it was switching to a new kind of cooking oil that would virtually eliminate trans fat.
Wendy's press release claimed that by last August, depending on the serving size, "trans fats in french fry offerings will range from zero to 0.5 grams." So consumer reports tested Wendy's french fries.
"We analyzed french fries from three locations in the New York area. First we sampled right after Wendy's made their announcement about the switch and then we went out a few weeks later," said Linda Greene with Consumer Reports.
The fries were ground up and then tested at two separate labs to measure the levels of trans fats. "Despite Wendy's claim that a large serving of fries contains a half a gram of trans fat, our analysis revealed that a large serving contains two and a half grams of trans fats," said Greene.
Wendy's two and a half grams of trans fat is far more than it claims, but it's a lot less than Mcdonald's and Burger King fries. Consumer Reports found more than six grams in their large size fries.
Consumer Reports contacted Wendy's about its test findings. Wendy's said the fast food chain has thoroughly tested and checked the fat content of its fries, using testing methods recommended by the food and drug administration.