There are several countdown clocks ticking simutaneously in the Carr House. The first is counting down to my husband's first day back at work. T minus five days. The second - the end of my maternity leave. T minus eleven days. And the third, D-day for losing these last seven pounds before going on air. Yes, I said seven! Breast feeding works wonders, and I've lost a lot of the baby weight. However, the last seven is sitting in some pretty difficult places.

I've been in the gym a few times in the past weeks. Not really working hard, but getting started. And I'm trying not to diet, but eat better. I'm not in my work clothes because of where the weight is sitting, but that's a good excuse to buy a few new pieces and motivation to conquer the last seven. However, I'm not going to kill myself to do it. It will all happen in due time.

Meanwhile, this is the calm before the storm. It will be very hard for my husband to leave Baby Kennedy. He's been on leave as long as I have. And I'm trying not even trying to think about when I go back. There will be mass amounts of separation anxiety. But it's a necessary evil - has to be done. The great news is my best friend from Texas and my mother will be in town to help with the transition.

Hold on tight. Life is about to switch gears again. It should make for an exciting ride.