Mother of Child With Autism Says Special Diet Helped Curb His Symptoms

A Baltimore mother says she was able to cure her son from the serious symptoms of Autism with a special diet.

Angela Taylor says she never aspired to be a chef but has now self-published a cookbook with special recipes that have reversed her son's symptoms.

Taylor says her son James was diagnosed with Autism as a toddler. She was desperate to help him overcome the disease and learned about the G.A.P.S. Diet, recommended by some doctors. It stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome and is similar to the popular Paleo diet plan --- but stricter.

The diet excludes gluten, soy, starches, dairy and refined sugars. It calls for simple, organic, unprocessed "Brain Food", as her cookbook is titled.

"There's actually a lot of good science and rationale behind this," Taylor said. "The paleo diet is really the caveman diet. What did cavemen eat? That's really what we're designed to eat. It's easiest to digest.{} So I really do feel better when I eat this way."

Since he's been on the GAPS Diet, Angela says she has seen remarkable results in her son. He is completely mainstreamed and doing very well in school. But the improvement is temporary. If James goes off his diet, even a little, the symptoms come back.

"It is absolutely imperative that he stays on his diet," Taylor said. "Whenever we explore some new foods that aren't allowed, we usually have some ADD behavior as a result."

Angela says parents must be vigilant about the GAPS Diet, even a bite or a condiment, can lead to trouble. But she's learned to adjust: "I've got recipes in the cookbook now for mayonnaise, ketchup, you name it, I've figured out how to make it."