C.S.I.: Collecting evidence from Baltimore streets

C.S.I.: Collecting evidence from Baltimore streets

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- Jennifer Anderson drives through some of Baltimore’s most crime stricken neighborhoods every day, and night. It’s her job. She is a Baltimore City Police Crime Lab technician. Her job is to collect evidence and take photos that Prosecutors may use in court. "I love it. I love the streets, I love the action of it", Jennifer explained, “just the constant changing, almost like solving puzzles. "

Anderson grew up in the countryside in Alabama and finds her Southern Roots help her deal with people she encounters on the streets. She smiles. She’s polite. She’s determined to do her job well while being kind in the middle of some difficult moments.

She admits it can be dangerous. “Because we don't have any weapons on us just have pepper spray and radio, that’s it. "

At one crime scene she follows a trail up blood up a set of stairs. "basically you're just telling a story so you just want to capture the scene as you arrived. "

Anderson says it is crucial she is accurate, "you're always going to have in the back of your mind, I don’t want to leave anything behind, were always on guard for that".

Anderson has been with the Baltimore City Police Department for three years.

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