Inside Look:Baltimore City Crime Lab

Inside Look:Baltimore City Crime Lab

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- On the 9th floor of the Baltimore City Police Department are a group of scientists who spend their days examining evidence from crime scenes. There are nine different laboratories. Each scientist has a specialty. Terri Labbe, explained, "this particular section is part of the forensic biology section".

Each Scientist goes over each piece of evidence with painstaking precision. Labbi added it’s part of a huge team, “I would do my preliminary test and then i would cut the sample and sent it to DNA for human testing. "

Ryan Coley is a scientist who specializes in fingerprint detection. He explained, "one of the best techniques for processing is magnetic powder,” adding, "we are dusting and we are looking for ridge details" .

Another Scientist, Meredith Coon, compares the fingerprints, "so this is a latent print collected from scene we get them from evidence envelopes sealed and labeled with the date and what kind of crime it was. "

In a different lab, 3 thousand guns are examined each year, by specialists like James Wagster, who explains "were linking a lot of cases."

Steven O’Dell is Chief of Forensics, and he explains how 17,000 cases are processed each year. O’Dell does have one wish, "a doubling of staff is needed to keep up with input: with a crystal ball, with a magic wand it’s going to be the addition of staff. "

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