Privacy in the age of drones: What are your rights?

Privacy in the age of drones: What are your rights?

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- More and more police departments are using drone technology to get probable cause for search warrants.

Laws addressing the shift in policing are lagging.

You may not have given much thought to the airspace above your home and who controls it. It's a debate that's starting to takeoff nationwide especially in Baltimore.

Last year, Baltimore Police used a Cessna plane to conduct aerial surveillance. It was only after an article was published in the technology, that police publicly disclosed the program. Unlike Baltimore Police, Cecil County Sheriff's Department rolled out its drone program with the public's input. The agency is about to purchase its third drone.

During the department's first mission, officers detected stolen equipment and the surveillance provided the probable cause to then get a search warrant.

Privacy attorney Josh Insley says, "It gets real gray once you start talking out the outside of you home."

The area drones fly is one of the few areas of airspace the Supreme Court has yet to address.

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