STAINS ON THE SIDEWALK | Picturing Baltimore's murders

STAINS ON THE SIDEWALK | Picturing Baltimore's murders

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - Amy Berbert made a point to show up in 2017.

She took a photograph of every Baltimore City homicide scene from 2016, one year to the minute later in 2017.

Her project is called "Remembering the Stains on the Sidewalk." It was originally intended to be a school project, but morphed into something more after she graduated.

"For me, the performance of it is more important than the images," Berbert said. "It was easy to think of them all as individuals when it was January. Now, like, picture a person lying on the sidewalk over there, bleeding to death."

FOX45 followed Berbert through all four seasons.

To follow Berbert's work on Facebook, click here and on Instagram, click here.

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