The price of knowledge: Online quizzes may come at a cost

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- Is the force strong with you? Batman or Superman? Which Empire character are you most like?

Online quizzes can answer those questions, but at a cost of one’s personal information.

To answer the burning question of which Disney princess one is, a quiz will ask if you’d rather listen to music than travel, or I like blue not red, and on my honeymoon I’d rather go to the Bahamas over Italy.

These quizzes can be fun, but their creators may have bigger plans than entertainment. Tech security expert Jason Kee says they really want personal information to sell to advertisers. Taking these quizzes allows companies to send users ads they are more likely to click on.

“Information is very important to companies and it’s very profitable in a lot of ways,” Kee says.

Privacy policies for some quiz sites say they can access IP addresses, first and last names, and more.

“The unfortunate reality is that consumers are in such a rush to get to the consumption, that they bypass whatever terms that are being created,” attorney Jeremy Eldridge says.

So with the questions in a quiz, one must also ask how much information one is willing to put on the internet.