The Travels of a Stolen Gun

The Travels of a Stolen Gun

BALTIMORE (WBFF)-- A stolen gun ends up on Baltimore streets, raised at a city police officer.

Fox45 traced its route, and found out why it travelled over 85 miles, into the hands of a teenager.

Drive west on Interstate 70 past Hagerstown. In between corn fields and the foot hills of the Appalachians, sits a town of less than 400 people: Clear Spring, Maryland.

“I love it, everybody’s really nice. Everybody’s always smiling. Everybody waves to you,” Christian Cowie says, a resident of Clear Spring for 9 months.

But even in this small Western Maryland town, big city problems exist.

“There is a drug problem in Clear Spring,” says Kevin Simmers, a former police officer who raised his family here.

Users of those drugs will steal to pay for their habit, like the guns stolen from a Clear Spring home in 2014.

Fox45 found the owner of those stolen guns. He says the guns were taken during a home burglary. They were driven to Baltimore and sold for heroin.

The ATF says drugs drive the market for stolen guns. A market with an enormous markup. A gun sold in a store for $200, can sell on the streets for $600.

One of the stolen guns was a Ruger pistol. Police found at least 4 different shootings involving that gun. The last one happened in February 2017, when a Baltimore police officer ran after Curtis Deal. The officer’s body worn camera shows the chase. Deal turns towards the officer, begins raising the Ruger, and the officer fatally shoots Deal.

“It all goes together, the theft, the guns, the robberies. All of that stuff is intertwined. The common denominator amongst it all is drugs,” Simmers says.

The whereabouts of the other three guns taken in the burglary, remain unknown at this time.

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