Tupac-inspired music education nonprofit starting in Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WBFF) -- A nonprofit inspired by Tupac Shakur is kicking off in Baltimore soon.

"Major Key" is a music education program which will be piloted in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.

"He wanted to do his own thing where these types of centers would be in every major city around America," E.D.I. Mean, Shakur's former bandmate, said Wednesday. "What (Tupac) gained from the Baltimore School for the Arts, you can't put a price on."

Shakur went to high school in Baltimore and studied theater. His former friends and collaborators are rolling out "Major Key" in the leadup to the slain hip hop artist's induction next month into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

"It means that all of his hard work wasn't in vain, and it's proof that it resonated with millions of people around the world," E.D.I. Mean said. "Baltimore is literally at a crossroads. This type of program could be so helpful to a city. And, it may seem small now, but over the years, you'll see a change."

"Major Key" will take in about 20 kids, ages 10-15, once it starts. They say more information will be released soon on its Facebook page and website on how to apply to join the program. The nonprofit will teach comtemporary classical music with hip hop.

"Good music is good music. And, that's a term that we all know. It doesn't matter if it's classical or hip hop. We're gonna mesh it all together and make this thing beautiful," hip hop artist Czar said. "Trying to make it part of the cirricullum, of course, is the long shot. That's our Hail Mary pass, as me and my partner say. But, we want to start with an after-school program."

Czar and E.D.I. Mean say Baltimore City's public schools' $130 million budget deficit is among the reasons they want to pilot the nonprofit in Baltimore.

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