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"Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing" (w/ Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith)

On the premiere of The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon, he and Will Smith performed the skit The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing.

The moves, in order, were called:
The Cabbage Patch
The Running Man
The Robot
The Pop And Lock
The Steal The Face Then Swallow It And Throw It Back Up
The Wop
The Im About To Break Dance
The Kid N Play
The Leg Thing No One Can Do
The Biz
The Hey Ho
The Mc Hammer
The Humpty Dance
The Fish Eye
The Spank That
The Dirt Off Your Shoulder
The Making It Rain
The Picking Up The Money Because Thats All You Had
The Crank That (Soulja Boy)
The Stanky Legg
The Dougie
The Carlton
The Twerk

Fallon follows Jay Leno and Johnny Carson as host of the late-night show.


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