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Sinai Hospital Researchers Working to Prevent Heart Attacks

Updated: Friday, March 14 2014, 11:56 AM EDT

Researchers at Sinai Hospital have worked for more than a decade to save lives and prevent heart attacks.

Aishah Hadrick is one of many success stories to come from Sinai Hospital. Dr. Paul Gurbel, director of the center of thrombosis research says they are working to prevent people like Aishah from having future attacks. 

"I woke up sweating, it literally felt like somebody was ripping and pulling apart my heart," Hadrick recalled of the day she had an attack. "I knew it wasn't normal."

Aishah had suffered a massive heart attack.

"They got me to Sinai," Hadrick said. "Dr Gerbel was headed to the airport and he turned around to come back to meet me. I flatlined once in the ambulance and once on the operating table."

Dr. Gurbel says research has shown that people who are prone to blood clots are more likely to suffer from heart attacks. For years people were given Plavix as a one size fits all remedy to prevent clotting. But it proved to not always be effective.

"We've made some interesting discoveries in the past 15 years that have helped us personalize therapies," Gurbel said. According to Gurbel, one of the major factors of being at risk is genetics. If your parents suffered heart disease, especially at an early age, you should take precautions.

Symptoms to watch out for include heaviness in chest which radiates to the jaw, nausea, clamminess and a feeling of illness. Women sometimes have atypical symptoms including numbness in arms and shortness of breath.

Sinai Hospital Researchers Working to Prevent Heart Attacks

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