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Baltimore County Man Writes Book About Wife's Battle With Breast Cancer

Updated: Wednesday, October 23 2013, 07:49 PM EDT

This October a new book about breast cancer is topping one of the Amazon best-seller lists. It is one Baltimore County man's tribute to his wife, a breast cancer survivor, and examines the devastating disease from a husband's perspective.

Mark Brodinsky always dreamed of writing a book, but he wasn't truly inspired to do so until his wife, Debbie, was diagnosed with breast cancer last year. When doctors found a mass in one of Debbie's breasts, they initially told her the chances of it being cancer were slim, but she had a feeling in her gut that the biopsy would change her life.

She wasted no time deciding to opt for a double mastectomy. She wanted to get rid of the cancer for good.

"I'll respect her for eternity for that decision because it saved our family and that's the reality," Mark said.

The decision to have surgery was only the beginning of a journey that would bring both joy and pain.  To cope with the process, Mark began blogging about it. The blog became a form of therapy for him during a time when he felt helpless.

"When someone you love is hurting, you want to take the pain away," Mark said. "You don't want it to happen to them. You want it to happen to you."

After Debbie's surgery, someone suggested that Mark turn his blog into a book.  "It Takes Two" quickly became a best-seller upon its release.

Now Debbie is fully recovered and there's a renewed sense of teamwork among her family. She doesn't mind sharing her story because she and Mark hope it will motivate and inspire others going through a similar battle with breast cancer.

Twenty percent of all proceeds from Mark's book will go to breast cancer support groups and research.

Baltimore County Man Writes Book About Wife's Battle With Breast Cancer

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