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Baltimore's Best Instagrammer

Updated: Tuesday, February 5 2013, 10:48 PM EST
BALTIMORE -- The social media photo-sharing application Instagram has 90 million active users, according to the company.  One of those users, Josh Flynn, is among the most popular in Baltimore.

"There have been instances where someone will recognize me out on the street, like, 'Oh, are you Flynnfinity?'" the 26-year-old account executive said. "It's kind of odd other people recognizing my dog on the street just based on something they saw on the internet."

Flynn has more than 2,100 "followers" and 1,625 photos on his account.

"The purpose is not to see how many people you can get to follow you, or how many likes you can get for a photo," Flynn said, explaining how he sees Instagram as a personal photo journal. "Everybody sees the city in a certain way and a different way and Instagram allows people to showcase how they see their city."

The Towson University graduate was awarded "Best Instagrammer" at the 2012 "Mobbies," a Baltimore Sun awards contest for Maryland's outstanding blogs.

"For someone that's here in the U.S. sitting in Baltimore, literally at the tip of my fingers, a real-time feed of what's going on in Beijing is not something you could have done two years ago," Flynn said. "Instagram has kind of exploded and now it's kind of this worldwide phenomenon."

The most popular photos on Flynn's account feature his seven-year-old dog Bailey.  The boxer/pitbull/chow mixed breed poses for many of @Flynnfinity's photos, which he hashtags "#baileystraightchillin."

"It's kind of odd other people recognizing my dog on the street just based on something they saw on the internet," Flynn said. "It just kinda caught on--and, people seem to like it."Baltimore's Best Instagrammer

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