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Beatles Backstage: 50 Years Later Journalist Describes Life as 'R-Rated, X-Rated'

Updated: Tuesday, February 11 2014, 10:14 AM EST

Fifty years ago this weekend American Fashion, hairstyles, culture and - most importantly - its music, changed forever thanks to four men from Liverpool.

On February 9, 1964 the Beatles performed on American TV for the first time, in an appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. A whopping 45% of the US population tuned into the show that night to watch the performance.

But 21-year-old radio reporter Larry Kane, the only American journalist to chronicle the dawn of the pop band from Liverpool after being sent to interview the group, was convinced it wouldn't last.

"They'll be gone by November," Kane recalls thinking. But once the young skeptic turned on his recorder he was amazed at the band's aplomb and their savvy on handling the press.

The Beatles enjoyed Kane's company and allowed him to tour with the band in 1964 and 1965. The reluctant reporter, today a veteran broadcast journalist and author, had made it inside the Beatles' inner circle.

Kane travelled with the affable super group from coast to coast for nearly two years.

"They were all virtually in the middle of a Fellini film but their life was 'R' rated, 'X' rated," Kane recalled.

Kane says he had the opportunity to help the band with one song -"Eight Days a Week."

"I told them to slow down the beginning of it," Kane said. "They played it for me on the plane and they said, 'What do you think?' I said, 'You're asking me?'"

It seemed the visionary who could see well beyond the horizon was the band's manager Brian Epstein. Kane recalled, "Brian Epstein told me on the plane in 1964 - and when he said this I thought he was just a dreamer - he said, 'Larry the children of the 21st century will be listening to the Beatles.'"

To date, the Beatles have sold 2.5 billion albums.

Beatles Backstage: 50 Years Later Journalist Describes Life as 'R-Rated, X-Rated'

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