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Carlester: The Walking Man

Updated: Wednesday, November 28 2012, 09:46 AM EST
He may be the most recognizable person in the city of Annapolis who is not a politician. He’s always seen out on the streets and he’s got far more Facebook friends than most people. 

But despite his notoriety, many don't even know his real name, and to some he remains a mystery.  FOX45’s John Rydell reveals the real story of “Walking Lester.”  On the street of Maryland's capital city, it won’t take long to spot him. He is up at the crack of dawn, and with plastic bags in hand, he walks and walks and walks. 

He goes all day long, and has become a source of curiosity to drivers and merchants.  In fact, many folds still don’t know his name at least his real name, and despite is many creative nicknames, Rosemary Graves is not bothered by the nicknames.  She’s the sister of “Carlester” Smith. He's 58 years old, and despite what some folks think, he is not homeless. He lives with his oldest sister. She says “Carlester” has some type of development disability, but it's never slowed him down.

She says walking is Lester’s therapy. He was once a drummer in a marching band, which may explain his moves both with hands and feet. But if you think Lester is just wandering the streets aimlessly, you’d be wrong.  Just ask Wayne Shephard, owner of a local carwash, who says Lester showed up 40 years ago and just started picking up trash in his own unique way. But Shephard marvels at Lester’s perseverance.  Lester is rewarded for his work and his loyalty.Carlester: The Walking Man

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