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Charles County Republican Announces Candidacy for Governor

Updated: Friday, September 6 2013, 09:39 PM EDT
A Charles County republican announces his candidacy for Governor, Charles Lollar aims to become the first African-American to hold the state's top seat.

He will challenge Democrat Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown in next year's election.

FOX45 spent the day with Lollar as he preps for the campaign trail to the governor's office. Lollar has officially announced his candidacy, and his plans to reverse MD's troubling pattern of tax hikes.

FOX45 was there when Lollar was headed to Baltimore City, a city full of registered democrats. He delivered a clear message to volunteers and supporters alike, saying, "We have to do a better job bringing Marylanders together and that's what this campaign is all about."

Lollar believes that for too long party politics has segregated voters and silenced the truth about government's role and real responsibilities. "It's not about who's Republican. It's not about whose independent. It's about who's for Maryland to make the change we need so Maryland can be a great place to live again," said Lollar.

For the campaign crew, it is another fast paced effort breaking down the backdrop so they can jump back on the bus, to organizes pamphlets and wrap t-shirts for the next campaign stop.

The campaign made a stop at UMBC where student organizations hosted a registration day.

Lollar, a retired Marine, made a stop at the National Guardsman Tent at the UMBC registration day, where he told a National Guardsman, "You are gonna be absolutely at the top of my list of priorities, unlike the way it is now."

While some politicians discount the college vote, Lollar says he's not taking anyone for granted.

He explained his stance to FOX45, saying, "To ignore the younger vote because of age is fruitless, borderline stupid. You have to reach out to all voters."

Lollar's message is simple: stop blaming parties, start standing up for education, businesses, and better economic policies. "To stand up for lower taxes, to stand up for common sense government. I stand up for prosperity for all Marylanders because we are so far taxed out of our minds. A rain tax for crying out loud how can they tax rain?!," he said. Charles County Republican Announces Candidacy for Governor

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