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City Spending Hundreds of Thousands to Redevelop Old Town Mall

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:11 PM EDT
It's been an eyesore just blocks from the Inner Harbor for years that city officials have promised to redevelop. But now some people are questioning if things will ever get better, even though the city is still spending thousands of dollars to improve it.

At the Old Flavors Barbershop in Old Town Mall, customers are plentiful and conversation is lively. But some remember better days because just down the street sits a very different mall. Vacant buildings and weed filled sidewalks stand like monuments to decay.

The city has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to turn Old Town Mall around. Just recently, the city's Board of Estimates approved $80 thousand to relocate the last remaining businesses to around the corner.

Since 2009, the city has approved nearly a quarter of a million dollars for this move alone, but much of what the city has spent to earn these results is not easy to obtain.

The Baltimore Development Corporation that is leading the turnaround effort would not release a complete detail of costs without a formal Public Information Act request

Still, while problems like crime persist at Old Town, supporters of the mall say it is still a story of hope. City Spending Hundreds of Thousands to Redevelop Old Town Mall

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