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Cyber Security Expert Suggests Data Encryption to Protect Your Privacy

Updated: Tuesday, November 26 2013, 10:26 AM EST

Since the revelations from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden surfaced this summer, many internet users have been looking for ways to insure their private business stays private.

At a week-long seminar in Baltimore last month, those in the private sector were learning how far they should go to protect their privacy. "It's no longer, 'Do you have privacy,' it's the degrees of privacy which you do or do not have," said Dr. Eric Cole.

Cole is one of the country's leading cyber security experts. "One of the things we always tell folks is before you push save, before you push post, ask yourself - do you want that information to live forever because once something exists in electronic form it will always be found or discovered."

To protect your data, Cole encourages users to encrypt it - a process which runs information through a mathematic formula making it difficult for outsiders to crack. But because the government has such large amounts of computing power, encryption may not be enough to block the eye of a government spy.

"Encrypting data is still smart to minimize your exposure to other entities, but at some level, you have to assume that if the government who has enough resources to get to your information - they can."

Privacy advocate Berin Sozka hopes the courts can stop that. He and other privacy advocates are suing the NSA hoping to put an end to widespread surveillance, unless there is a warrant or probable cause.

Some cyber security experts are now recommending users own two computers - one for banking, taxes and other sensitive data and the other for email, surfing the web and anything else.

Cyber Security Expert Suggests Data Encryption to Protect Your Privacy

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