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Demand for Guns in Md. Causing Backlog in Permit Applications

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:12 PM EDT
State Police are struggling to keep up with the huge demand for guns in Maryland. Officers are working overtime performing background checks on prospective owners and if you want more than one gun, it could take months.

In Pasadena, some 200 prospective gun owners are now waiting on background checks to be performed by the state.  It's a back-up that has frequent gun owners steeped in frustration.

At Pasadena Gun and Pawn, there's a run on guns like they've never seen before.  An assault rifle, long rifles, any rifle - if it fires it's sold.

And some customers are after more than one gun.

"Some people just I guess they can afford it and they just come in and buy them.  We have a lot of customers that just buy.  How many pocketbooks does your wife buy?" said Pasadena Gun and Pawn owner Frank Loane, Sr.

But in Maryland, gun owners are required to wait 30 days between each gun purchase. But lately that four week wait has become almost six weeks.

"Any purchase you make will take longer than usual because we're dealing with this unprecedented backlog," said Maryland State Police spokesman Greg Shipley.

At State Police headquarters, officers are working overtime performing background checks on prospective gun owners.

What usually takes seven days is taking six weeks.
"We are doing everything possible to insure the rights of all our citizens are upheld while we uphold the laws that require us to do these background checks," Shipley said.

A background check is required for every gun that's purchased, even if it's the same person who buys a gun every month.

At Pasadena Gun and Pawn, they're telling owners a new gun can still be purchased every 30 days but it'll be much longer before they can take them home.

"They call and they're aggravated but all I can do is just try to calm em down," Loane said

Right now, an average of 450 guns are sold every day in Maryland. Before November that number was only about 100.Demand for Guns in Md. Causing Backlog in Permit Applications

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