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Expert Easily Recovers 'Wiped' Personal Info From Old Smartphones

Updated: Wednesday, March 5 2014, 05:17 PM EST

It's common to see someone with a smartphone in their hand these days. But what happens when the old phone is donated, or thrown away?

FOX45 gave some discarded phones, which had been wiped, to a digital forensic expert.

"I find stuff on phones that will blow your mind," Blazer, the expert, said. "It's amazing what people put in their phones."

Blazer analyzed each of the phones and in all but one case uncovered personal information about those who used the smartphone and owned it. From one of the wiped phones the expert was able to extract photos, bookmarks, some applications and a lot of google searches.

Blazer warns that not all "factor resets" are created equally. He advises consumers to educate themselves as to how their phone works, and ask questions about the factory reset. Pull the SD card out of the phone before returning or destroying it.

According to the expert, many companies have ramped up their efforts to improve their factory resent options. It’s an effort to keep their customers’ personal information from becoming public.

Expert Easily Recovers 'Wiped' Personal Info From Old Smartphones

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