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Gun Deaths in America Shaped by Race

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:12 PM EDT
Politicians across the country are debating with gun control - a hot-button topic that was the focus of a recent town hall meeting hosted by Fox 45.

While much of the focus remains on schools shootings, many are also turning to psychiatrists for insight into the minds of mass shooters.

"We as mental health professionals are not in a good position to predict violence.  That's really not what we're trained to do," psychiatrist Jack Vaeth said.

While experts say it's nearly impossible to predict a rampage, research and recent data tells us much about whom is most likely to pull a trigger and why.

Data published from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Johns Hopkins researchers reveals that African Americans are ten times more likely to be victims of homicide than white Americans - and more likely to support gun control.

White Americans are three times more likely to commit suicide with a firearm and less likely to support gun control.

Data also shows where we live says a lot about the gun crimes we're exposed to, and our attitude towards firearms.

In urban areas, support for gun control is the strongest. Half of people in suburban areas support gun control while only a third in rural areas think there should be stronger laws.

Homicides are also much higher in urban cities while suicides much higher in rural areas.

A gun control bull in Maryland could limit the sale of certain firearms and require fingerprinting for a license.Gun Deaths in America Shaped by Race

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