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Hero Quilts: Quilting for the Troops

Updated: Tuesday, December 3 2013, 10:15 AM EST

A group of women have been hard at work to provide a little comfort for our nation's wounded, through quilting. The group's reasons for being a part of the project vary - grandsons in active duty, veteran fathers, children in the military - but the common thread binds them together.

The community of quilters was started by Carol Hansen, who recruited a group of volunteers. They now gather weekly at the Aberdeen Proving Ground military installation.

Combat-wounded service members like Sgt. Elijah Mack are sent the final product.

"When I was at Walter Reed recovering from my injuries, I received two blankets," Mack said.

And Kelly Keck, who earned his Purple Heart in Afghanistan.

"I was a medic and we were just out on patrols and an armored vehicle had gotten blown up over a mine," Keck said. "So I got out to check on injuries, being a medic, and I stepped on a mine myself."

The quilts - they say - help bring comfort during a time of chaos and recovery.

For the quilters, it's a way to serve those who serve us all, and through their painstaking efforts they simply hope to relieve a little of someone else's pain.

The group has donated more than 700 quilts to combat-wounded military members since 2004.

Hero Quilts: Quilting for the Troops

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