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Hypermiler Secrets to Getting 70 MPG

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:12 PM EDT
How many miles can you get from a tank of gas?  20, 30, 40? Some motorists have learned that, with a little work, it is possible to get 80 miles per gallon.

Among the millions of motorists who drive to Howard County each day, there is one who is keeping score. Glenn Conrad has found the secret to driving a whole lot more, for a whole lot less. Conrad is one of a growing number of motorists who are hyper-milers, those who go to extremes to squeeze every last mile out of a tank of gas.

Conrad put his money in a hybrid seven years ago and quickly learned what guzzled gas the most. Continuous braking and accelerating were draining Conrad's pump so he learned to cut the engine and coast.

Conrad has learned that the longer he rolls, the more gas he saves.

At AAA, experts say over-inflating your tires could cause you to skid and coasting out of gear could cause you to crash.

Experts also say that safest way to conserve fuels is to insure the vehicle is properly maintained. Going easy on the brakes and steady on the speed will also help to stretch your mileage.
Hypermiler Secrets to Getting 70 MPG

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