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Investigating Serial Killers

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:11 PM EDT
The season finale of the hit series "The Following" tells the tale of a serial killer who commands his followers to murder, but reality can prove to be just as troubling as entertainment. Real life serial killers are on the loose and many of them aren't even close to be captured.

Down a winding road in Baltimore's Leakin Park is where the story of one of the city's last known serial killers ends, and the mystery begins.

And unlike the maniacal killer who taunts police on the Fox series "The Following," the story of this serial murderer started with a terrifying encounter in 2008 that is still surrounded in mystery

It is here on this road where two motorists came upon a stopped car.  As the first ray of sunlight filtered through the trees, they watch stunned as a man with his back turned removed the lifeless body of a woman from the trunk of his car and began to drag her across the street.

They fled the scene, but called police. The victim, named Yolanda Brown, was raped and strangled.

Brown was one of the five women asphyxiated in the area during the summer of 2008.

The killer was never captured.

Women's advocate Sidney Anne-Ford wonders if there are other victims. "It is possible that there are many other women who had been killed." 

It's a troubling reality, but man serial killers go undetected.

Former FBI agent Tyrone Powers says real serial killers don't behave like the methodical murderers depicted on the "The Following".

"On television they have to quickly set the pattern of a serial killer, in reality the pattern won't be set up until maybe they killed and murdered a number of people where detectives began to tie them across jurisdictional lines."

What makes real serial killers even more elusive is the murky trail they leave behind - clues in hundreds of unsolved cases which many times aren't tied together.

Last year, the U.S. reached 200,000 unsolved murders. Investigating Serial Killers

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