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Kids Getting High from Garden Plants

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:11 PM EDT

FOX45 has a warning for parents about a popular wild flower that is getting teenagers high.

The drug is not pot and it’s not a pill, it’s a popular flower called the Angel Trumpet and it could be growing in your backyard. The Angel Trumpets are flowering plants which grow in the wild, and they are better known as Jemsom Weed. Experts say they contain chemicals which cause hallucinations.

A few years ago, a Kenwood High School student attempted to get high on the plant and wound up with kidney failure.

“What they do is, this plant as it matures it produces a pod and in the pod are seeds. They take the seeds out and they cook them. They’ll make tea. They’ll smoke them, and when they eat it, it takes over their body,” said Mike Gimbel a drug expert.

The high continues for several hours and can cause heart problems and kidney failure. Experts say the side effects are so bad  that those who try it almost never try it a second time. 

Kids Getting High from Garden Plants

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