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Maryland Voters to Decide on Several Referendums in November

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:12 PM EDT
When Maryland voters head to the polls in November, they will be deciding on a number of referendums from same sex marriage to expended gambling.

Governor Martim O'Malley made gay marriage his top priority this year, pushing through a bill to legalize it. But opponents rallied with a petition drive to force a referendum.

If the referendum passes, Maryland would be the first state to approve same sex marriage at the ballot.

Another ballot issue is the Dream Act, which gives in-state college tuition discounts to illegal immigrants.

If those issues fail, why would someone in 2016 look at him as he's been a successful governor when issues bread and butter to the democratic party - gay marriage and dream act - he can't get passed," said Political Analyst John Dedie.

Critics of O'Malley, both in Maryland and on the National political stage, have pointed to his record of raising taxes.

The most recent referendum supported by the governor is question 7, dealing with expanding gambling in Maryland. O'Malley claims the revenue from added gambling will help fund schools and educators.

Recent polls show the referendums are either too close to call or within a few points of a dead heat.  Maryland Voters to Decide on Several Referendums in November

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