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More Speed Camera Problems for the City

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:12 PM EDT
The city insists speed cameras are making city roads safer, but critics say the cameras are nothing more than scammers.

Jarrod Frock is a big rig driver who earns a living by hitting the road. Speeding has never been a problem for him, or his big rig, until the city decided to make it one.

Nine months ago, a speed camera ticket accused him of traveling 65 in a 35 mile per hour zone. The citation showed hit brake lights on and a red light ahead.

Frock wanted to fight the ticket but decided to pay it instead. The forty dollar fine was far less expensive than a morning away from work. But his attitude quickly changed when a second citation came in the mail.

The second citation accused Frock of going 67 in a 35 mile zone. Both tickets were generated from the same camera in the 1300 block of West Cold Spring Lane.

Turns out, other trucking companies were dealing with the same frustration.

Last week, city officials confirmed they are probing why the radar on the Cold Spring Lane speed camera is issuing abnormal readings on buses and big rigs. 

Overall, city leaders insist its error rate is less than one percent. The city has chosen not to renew its current contract with the company that operates the speed camera program. Beginning in January, a new company will take over. More Speed Camera Problems for the City

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