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Private Racy Photos Being Posted on Public Site

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:11 PM EDT
Remember your crazy college days? Chances are there are photos from that time you'd rather forget. But many websites are now allowing private pictures to become very public.

In a cyber-second, the Internet had delivered a promising college student a lesson in public humiliation.

She's too afraid to show her face, but too angry to remain silent.

It was last fall when the woman, we'll call, Jane Doe got posted. Steamy, private, photographs taken during her college days somehow turned up on a website called 'U Got Posted' dot com, a website which publishes private X-rated photographs with or without the consent of those who appear in them.

In her case, the racy photos had been saved on a laptop which, she says,  was stolen from her home.

Now, her private photos had not only become public, but her reputation had become publically destroyed.

"'U Got Posted' identified her by where she worked. They included her Linked In account, they identified on the page the name of her employer," said attorney and privacy expert Anne McKenna.

"I had a fear every day that my friends were going to find out, my boss, my co-workers," the victim said.

And she soon learned that getting her pictures removed from the site was not only difficult, but costly.

"They wanted me to pay $4,999 dollars and they said there's a 99 percent chance they could take it down."

McKenna calls it extortion. When the victim set out to help get those racy photographs removed from the site, 'U Got Posted' sent her on a journey.

'Change My Reputation' dot com is the site that charges thousands to remove photos from 'U Got Posted' dot com. But McKenna says, what both websites don't tell you is that they may really be just one.

"When we had a computer forensics come in and track the background of these companies, interesting enough they led to the same source," McKenna said.

Without paying a dime, McKenna successfully convinced the site to remove the pictures of Jane Doe.

"This is something that in a moment of poor judgment was taken by a foolish college student.  If you don't think your kids are doing this you haven't looked at your kids phones," McKenna said.

For now, they're reviewing whether there's room for legal revenge on revenge porn. Private Racy Photos Being Posted on Public Site

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