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Restaurant Caters to Those With Food Allergies and Customers with Restrictive Diets

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:11 PM EDT
Food allergies and intolerance can make it difficult to dine out.

Few chefs cater to customers with special dietary needs. FOX45 took a look into one restaurant that's services up hope and carefree cuisine to customers with everything from celiac disease to autism.

At One Dish Cuisine in Ellicott City, customers with even the most restrictive diets can order up food without fear. Everything in the restaurant's kitchen is made to order with care by Chef Ben Anderson.  In the kitchen, to ensure no cross contamination gloves are changed constantly, everything is divided and color-coded.

Within the restaurant's kitchen, green handles indicate gluten free and blue handles mean no dairy products will ever touch the pan or utensils. These specifications are all part of the owner's vision to serve everyone.

Maureen Birk understands how difficult it can be to dine out on a restricted diet. She was diagnosed 25 years ago with Celiac Disease. She spent years figuring out her diet - everything from gluten and dairy free pizza to a mock-version of rye bread.

Several years ago her nephew Devin was diagnosed with autism and her meals became his medicine. Under doctor's orders her sister decided to remove all glutens and dairy proteins from Devin's diet, and to her surprise Devin did a complete turnaround.

But the cure by cuisine method makes it almost impossible for families to find anything suitable on most menus, which is a dilemma Maureen had mostly gotten used to. Maureen eventually started catering to customers who had food allergies like herself - making healthy and tasty meals.

Larry Hill also has celiac disease, and learned quickly how many food items have wheat in it. Erin Wallace and her mom are regulars at One Dish Cuisine, and both suffer from a wheat and soy intolerance.

The owners have thought of everything from separate storage containers to the coffee creamer. The restaurant is also completely void of peanuts to keep those with peanut allergies safe. The menu is simple to read with color coded ingredients, and offers frozen entrees to go.

The staff is used to seeing customers smile, and sometimes cry, because they are so grateful to be able to eat in a real restaurant. Restaurant Caters to Those With Food Allergies and Customers with Restrictive Diets

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