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The Good The Stressful and The Unexpected: Perry Hall Mommy Blogger Shares Her Journey

Updated: Wednesday, December 18 2013, 10:26 AM EST

At the Joyner-Weems household in Perry Hall, there is a baby in every set of arms, and a toddler on the move. Shawn is two and twins Emery and Liam are two months.

"I love my children, I do, but it's scary. It's a little scary sometimes," their mother Dionne told FOX45.

Dionne is on maternity leave from her job in tourism marketing and admits she likes control. And after her family grew from three to five, it seems everything is now out of control.

"To go into the doctor's office and see two heartbeats, let's just say, I didn't take it too well," Dionne said. "I was overwhelmed. I was scared. I was terrified."

What Dionne experiences is not unusual for new moms. Dr. Mary Kimmel, a perinatal psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins, says beyond post-partum, mood disorders are more common in women in all stages of their adult life.

"Both biologically but also because of the roles that moms take on at any time in their lives, they have a lot of stress and risk for depression and anxiety," Dr. Kimmel said. "Certainly new moms don't get as much sleep; they have changes in their diet, they have new rules, they've got changes in their family dynamic."

And while serious cases require medical treatment, Dr. Kimmel says there are lifestyle changes women can make to feel better.

"A lot of time I spend time reminding moms that you've got to take care of yourself to take care of all of the people that you take care of," Dr. Kimmel said. "Just take a moment to get your nails done, to get your feet done, go ahead and do your hair, even though you have on sweat pants and throw up is running down your chest. For the heck of it, just make yourself feel good."

Along with exercise and eating right, Dionne has found another outlet - her blog on motherhood.

"I found a topic that I wanted to share, that I wanted to talk about. And that topic was mother hood," Dionne said. "But not that goo goo ga ga motherhood and the sun rises and shines in my child's... ...I'm talking that screaming 3 o'clock in the morning, I'm going to explode."

The normally private person is putting it all out there as a way of dealing with the stress using humor, but also sharing the journey with other moms.

The Good The Stressful and The Unexpected: Perry Hall Mommy Blogger Shares Her Journey

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