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The Power of 'One Word': A Cancer Survivor's Story

Updated: Tuesday, September 17 2013, 06:18 PM EDT

Now, in the fourth quarter of 2013, some are looking back to see whether they fulfilled their New Year's Resolution. In fact, half of all new year's resolutions are broken by the end of January.

But thousands of people have found a better way to reach their goals - and it's as simple as one word. It's something Jimmy Page started doing 15 years ago - choosing one word to guide him for the year.

"At the time I was experiencing frustration and failure and everyone else was setting resolutions, failing and throwing in the towel...not really seeing a lot of life change," Page said. "I thought, this is just radical enough that I'm going to give it a shot.

And so it became tradition, for Jimmy and his wife Ivelisse and their four children.

In 2008 Jimmy chose the word "Life."

"As I went into the year, I thought life," Page recalled. "That means… this is going to be an exciting year." But life had other plans. It was that year that Ivelisse was diagnosed with colon cancer.

But in another word, Ivelisse found hope.

"I really felt like my word needed to be believe," Ivelisse recalled. "I needed to believe that I would continue to stay well. I needed to believe that good things were ahead."

The couple said they soon realized they had stumbled onto something pretty powerful. That's why Jimmy decided to put "One Word" into 82 pages, and the message spread. Now "One Word" is spreading to thousands of people.

Ivelisse Page has now been cancer-free for four years and calls it a miracle. A miracle that she says started with the power of one her one word, "believe."

The couple have also started the "Believe Big" foundation, to help other families dealing with cancer.

"Believe Big is standing in that gap to provide patients with the tools and resources needed to be their own advocate for their health," the foundation's website states. "We provide up to date information in one place so patients and family members can download important questions to ask oncologists, suggested steps on what to do when diagnosed, how to find a complementary doctor that is trained to boost immune function, fight the mental battle using God's word to eliminate fear, and more. By God's grace, these tools helped Ivelisse win her battle with cancer. Believe Big!"

In the end Ivelisse chose a complementary and alternative approach since, in her case, chemotherapy was projected to only increase her survival rate by 10-13%. After a four-year battle Ivelisse beat the 8% survival rate and is completely cancer free. She continues to follow a protocol which includes injections from her complementary and alternative doctor, and is monitored by her oncologist, GI doctor and OBGYN.

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The Power of 'One Word': A Cancer Survivor's Story

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