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The "Vampire Facelift"

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:11 PM EDT

A rising trend among people looking to smooth wrinkles has an unconventional approach - and a name to match.

The so-called "vampire facelift"  is a non-surgical procedure in which a patient's own blood is mixed with facial fillers and injected back into their face.

Dr. Charles Runels is the creator of this new procedure. The appointment begins by drawing blood from a patient's arm and putting it into a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the rest of the blood. Runels injects the patient's face with common facial fillers - like Juvederm - and then adds the platelets which he said helps give the fillers a boost.

The facelift costs about $900-$1500 and generally lasts a year to 18 months.

The "Vampire Facelift"

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