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Tips to Survive a Mass Shooting

Updated: Tuesday, November 20 2012, 07:23 PM EST
Four months ago, crowds of anxious Batman fans began to pack movie theaters to catch the midnight premiere of "Dark Knight Rises."

That's when a typical night turned into a dazed horror in Aurora, Colorado. A gunman opened fire on the movie crowd causing the deadliest mass shooting in the U.S. since Virginia Tech. 

By the time the last shot was fired, 12 people were dead and 58 were injured.

Doctor Tyrone Powers is a former FBI agent. With the help of police cadets and the use of a lecture hall, with seating similar to a movie theater, our cameras were strategically positioned to give the same vantage points a gunman might have.

While the goal of the gunman is to kill as many people as possible, it is within your control how to react. Powers says your natural reaction may be to jump up and run, but it makes you an easy target.

The gunman has planned his plot for months, but what the gunman is not expected is someone who has given the same scenario just as much though as he has.

Power says the best way to survive is to drop and take cover, leaving the shooter at a disadvantage. The gunman will need to reload or reach for another weapon at some point and Power suggests making your move at the moment.

For those who think they would be frozen with fear, Power has this to say, "I know what they're saying, I couldn't do it. Trust me, if it occurs some of what we say today, some of what you hear will be in your mind and you will go into almost an innately or intuitively a survival mode."Tips to Survive a Mass Shooting

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