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Toddlers Addicted to iPads

Updated: Friday, August 2 2013, 10:12 PM EDT
The iPad is popular among teens and adults, but now even toddlers are spending more and more time on the tablets. While experts say toddlers enjoy it, the iPads can be very addicting.

Toddlers, some still sucking binkies, can be seen all over YouTube easily interacting with iPads and similar devices. But some parents have been posting clips with a concerning message such as, "Ipad is easy but addictive to toddlers of 18 months, be warned!"

In online chatrooms, desperate parents write, "My son is not even 2 years old and he's addicted to the ipad.  What do I do?"

Psychologist Dr. Jeffrey Gardere says tools like the iPad offers kids fabulous opportunities to learn but a problem develops when kids choose a virtual world over the real one. "They're just not developing the proper social skills that other toddlers would -- which is to get out there and play with other kids."

Parents, however, can hit the re-set button when it comes to playtime on the iPad. Apps available on the iPad such as TimeLock, Screen Time and Game Time let you control the amount of playtime your toddler gets on the device.

Either way, parents should expect some tantrums with or without the time limit. Toddlers Addicted to iPads

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