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Yarn Bombing in Highlandtown

Updated: Wednesday, December 4 2013, 11:06 PM EST

As the weather turns wintry "Baltimore Threadquarters," a fabric and fiber arts supply store, kicks into high gear. "Yarn bombing," a form of street art that places colorful knitted creations on public areas such as light posts, statues and even trees, is a phenomenon seen across the country.

In Baltimore, several "guerilla artists" are weaving their mark on Main Street this season.

Though in some parts of the country it is considered graffiti, the Highlandtown Community enjoys the tradition so much that the Highlandtown Merchant's Association helped the yarn artists pay for supplies.

The art turns mundane objects into colorful pieces that attract attention.

Yarn-bomber Allison described public reaction, "You do a double-take, and you say, 'What is that?"

Marlo chimed in, "Yeah, who puts sweaters on trees?"

Part of the annual tradition each year is "Fleecing Frank" - putting a yarn cap and a large white beard on the top of the statue of musician Frank Zappa, who sits atop a 12-foot-pole in front of the Highlandtown library.

The colorful creations have people stopping to take photos of the works all over town.

"We took a few balls of yarn and turned it into something fun - and opened the community's eyes into what's becoming a lost art," Marlo said.

For those interested in learning this "lost art," the team at Threadquarters offers classes.

Yarn Bombing in Highlandtown

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