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Felony Lane Gang Stirkes Again

Updated: Thursday, November 29 2012, 10:06 PM EST
A Crime and Justice investigation tracks members of a Florida gang to crimes occurring at a Baltimore County Park.  They are known as the "Felony Lane" Gang, and their M-O is to target areas where woman typically leave their purses in the car.

Within hours, members are disguised as their victim and headed o that person's bank. The break-ins happen in board daylight when members of the Felony Lane Gang make their move. 

Jen Rodgers, with fire of our morning anchor Tom, became a target a few weeks ago.  She recalls realizing what had happened to her, "I see all this glass on the ground and strew in my car."

A mother with two children in tow, looking to enjoy a picnic at the park admits, "I wasn't worried here. I was foolish." 

Even though the crooks didn't find anything but change in Jean's purse, they still managed to get 18,000 dollars out of her bank account.  The gang members wore wigs and make up, and went through the bank's drive through disguised as Jean. 

They used the lane farthest away from the teller; the lane tellers refer to as the Felony Lane.

Investigators say what makes this park even more attractive to these criminals is the fact that there are three banks within walking distance; not to mention, the highway that allows them to make a quick getaway. 

Ed Norris is a former Police Commissioner, who is shocked that more isn't being done to protect the public.

Ed suggests, "This is an organized gang.  It's gonna cause a lot of people a lot of pain in this region." 

Jean did call police, but no one showed up to take a report; instead she was told that she could file it over the phone.

She says frustrated, "The only question they had for me was did I know the predator, and did I know the weapon that they used."

Jean's van was never fingerprinted, which comes as a surprise to Ed, "With a fingerprint hit, which does happen on car break-ins you could have already identified someone within the system for another criminal offense.  There are so many reasons why they should have responded."

Norris says especially since Baltimore County is already investigating the Felony Lane Gang.Felony Lane Gang Stirkes Again

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