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Gun Shop Owners Questioning Bill for Gun Control

Updated: Wednesday, February 20 2013, 11:03 PM EST
As lawmakers push for stricter fun legislation in Annapolis, some gun shop owners question whether politicians really understand what they are trying to regulate.

Whether it's an adjustable stock or a rifle with a thumb hole, lawmakers are looking to ban it under Senate Bill 281.

But the legislation has triggered gun shop owners like Frank Loane to question whether lawmakers fully understand the firearms they look to regulate.

"Do you know how fast someone who fouls with an AR 15 can change 10 round magazines? Pull them in and out in seconds - they can have three in and out very fast, it really doesn't make any difference," Loane said.

Besides limiting magazines to 10 rounds, Loane says several weapons lawmakers included in the legislation may already be banned.

Much of the Fire Safety Act only further restricts what kinds of guns law-abiding citizens can buy. What's missing in the 38 page bill is a meaningful change to mental health screenings for gun buyers and a mention of safety measures regarding schools.

"Everything else is guarded with guns, why couldn't we have an armed guard or trained armed guard or off duty police officer at the schools," Loane said.

Senate President Mike Miller says I will be a vigorous debate. "There will be some aspects of the bill debated very, very strongly defining assault weapons licensing why are you fingerprinting someone who hasn't committed," Miller said. Gun Shop Owners Questioning Bill for Gun Control

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