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Fighting Back

Fighting Back

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12 Year Old Takes on Armed Robber

Updated: Thursday, November 29 2012, 10:05 PM EST
Severn, M.D.--A 12-year-old boy comes face-to-face with a teenager, thought to be an armed robber.  But the boy fights back, he refuses to be a victim of theft. 

Anne Arundel  County Police are investigating the case.
Andre Jones, the boy's father, says he's angered by the attempted robbery.

It's a suspected act of violence with a plastic toy gun that made Jones call police.  "Because of the severity of it," he says.  "If it was two little kids playing, that would have been something different, but this was an 18-year-old child and my 12-year-old son," says Jones.

Andre Jones Junior, says he thought he was going to die during the confrontation.  It happened on Indian Drive at Clearwater Court in Severn November, 28 at about 3:45 that afternoon. 

Young Jones says he had just stepped off the school bus when someone wearing a black mask and holding what looked like a handgun approached him from behind and tried to rob him.  "He said, give me your jacket.  I said no.  And then he put a gun to my head.  (At) first, he had it at my chest.  He kept saying, give me your jacket, give me your jacket," the boy said.

Police say the suspect struggled with the boy before he was able to break free and run away.  Investigators say the boy thought the gun was real, still he refused to hand over his black North Face jacket.  When asked why, young Jones said, "People would tease me and call me names."

The father and son later identified the suspect, who lives near the family.   Police have arrested 18-year-old, Dejon Arnold.  He faces several charges, including attempted robbery and second degree assault. 

The father says, "He needs to learn from what he did, learn that what he did was wrong.  That's my only thing, just let him learn that what he did was wrong so he won't do it to another 12-year-old at being 18... snatching up a 12-year-old."12 Year Old Takes on Armed Robber

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