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BBB Warning Ravens Fans of Playoff Ticket Scams

Updated: Friday, January 4 2013, 03:10 PM EST
The Better Business Bureau is warning Ravens fans of potential playoff ticket scams.

Since many fans may seek assistance from third-party brokers, the Better Business Bureau is warning buyers to use caution when making purchases through people who are largely anonymous or entities that cannot be verified.

Angie Barnett, president of the Better Business Bureau, says most teams try to avoid this problem but technology makes it easy to copy even the most unique tickets.

"But we have to remember those holograms and watermarks can also be duplicated and copied by any good counterfeiter," said Barnett.

Problems can occur when using private dealers on websites such as Craigslist and eBay. Barnett advises using legitimate sites such as Stub Hub to avoid being duped. Barnett also says to check the seating chart to make certain the seats are real and avoid sellers who want to wire money. Buyers should pay only in cash or complete the purchase offline.

In addition, think twice before attempting to purchase a ticket from a scalper. Individuals may also not sell or "scalp" a ticket for more than its face value in the City of Baltimore.

Tickets to Sunday's game are selling online for as little as $90 to as much as $700. BBB Warning Ravens Fans of Playoff Ticket Scams

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