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Mother of Accused Bully Speaks Out

Updated: Tuesday, November 27 2012, 11:57 AM EST
There have been new developments in the story of a Baltimore father charged with kidnapping an elementary school student, accused of bullying the man’s son.  FOX45 was there when the mother of the suspected bully spoke out about the father’s decision and the allegation against her son. 

Shakia Quickly is a mother who is trying to set the record straight after her 11 year old son, Khairee, is accused of being a bully.  Her son was involved in a fight at Yorkwood Elementary School that triggered the arrest of another boy’s father. 

Ms. Quickly said, “It’s frustrating because it’s like because it’s like my son is accused of being something that he’s not.”

Quickly says her son had just transferred to Yorkwood, and has been there for only about two weeks which is simply not enough time to know anyone to bully. 

Yet, according to Baltimore City School Police, Donald Shields Sr. arrived at Yorkwood on November 5th and became angry when he learned at least three boys, including Khairee, had jumped his 8 year old son.

Investigators say Shields, 33, went looking for the boys when his son spotted Khairee , an 11 year old classmate. Police say Shields grabbed Khairee, put him in the car by force and drove off with the boy, detaining him by holding the lock button.

Khairee told his mother that Shields drove him around, cursing and threatening him just before returning the boy to school. 

Shield Jr. recalls shaken, “I feel sad, I feel like it’s my fault. My mother told me it’s not.”

His mother says it’s the father who went too far, “You do not and I am going to repeat. You do not put your hands on somebody else’s child and throw them in your vehicle. That’s wrong.” Mother of Accused Bully Speaks Out

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