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Will the Grand Prix Return to Baltimore in 2014?

Updated: Sunday, September 1 2013, 10:43 PM EDT
Today marked the final day of the Grand Prix of Baltimore. The week-long racing festival took over the city as cars whipped around the tracks at up to 180 miles per house.

Now that this year's Grand Prix is behind us, all eyes are on the 2014 Grand Prix. 

Today a beautiful, clear sky and the city of Baltimore played host to the final day of racing.

Nolan Bennett was at today's finale and told FOX45, "You could feel the rumble on the ground. You can feel the engine shaking. You get to see the cars speed pass. It's great."

This Sunday, drivers took to the tracks for the very last race with engines roaring and clinching first place on their minds.

The Grand Prix of Baltimore welcomed first time attendees, the Bennett's, who were taking it all in before the weekend long event came to a close. "Tyring to take a little break from work, that always helps," Norman Bennett told FOX45, "and kids are getting ready for school, daughter's off to college and my son's on his way this week. It's Labor Day. So, it's gonna be great."

With the 2013 race coming to a close, the question shifts to whether the Grand Prix will return to Baltimore in 2014.

"We're really just working the issues out right now, the MLB schedule, the NFL schedule, IndyCar, and the Convection Center schedule," said Tim Mayer, the general manager of the Grand Prix.

Mayer said he is 99.9% sure scheduling will work out perfectly and the racing festival will return next year - for its fourth year. Will the Grand Prix Return to Baltimore in 2014?

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