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Valentine's Day Cocktails

Updated: Friday, February 7 2014, 11:47 AM EST

Here are some great cocktail recipes to spice up your Valentine's Day!

Cocktail Name:                                Hot kiss
Aphrodisiac ingredients:                   jalapeno, watermelon
Talking points:
Jalapenos fire up your insides to make you feel more aroused
Watermelon is known to have a viagra-like effect on the body
-Fresh Jalapeño slices
-Watermelon puree
-Casa Noble Tequila
Add jalapeno and liquid ingredients in a shaker with ice.  Shake well, strain into a rocks glass and garnish with mint
Cocktail Name:                                Chocolate smooch
Aphrodisiac ingredients:                   chocolate, pomegranate
Talking points:
Chocolate induces feelings of pleasure
Pomegranate can lift testosterone levels making both genders feel more excited
-Birthday cake vineyards Black Forest cake red wine
-Pomegranate juice
-Club soda
-Orange juice
Pour red wine and both juices into a wine glass and stir, top with a splash of club soda.  Garnish with orange slice
Cocktail:                                           Sweet-tea pie
Aphrodisiac ingredients:                   honey, cherry
Talking points:
Honey provides natural energy boots
Cherries are packed with "feel good" vitamins like A and C
-Iced tea
-Cherry Juice
-Veev Acai spirit
-Lemon juice
Add iced tea, cherry juice, honey and veev to a shaker with ice.  Shake well and pour into glass.
Cocktail:                                           The flirtini
Aphrodisiac ingredients:                   strawberry, basil
Talking points:
Strawberries promote optimal blood flow to all parts of the body
Basil promotes circulation and heats up the body
-Lime juice
-Pink sugar crystals
Wet rim of martini glass (with water or lime juice), coat rim of the glass with pink sugar crystals and set aside.
Muddle strawberries in a cocktail shaker then add basil, vodka, lime juice and ice.  Shake well, strain and pour into sugar coated martini glass.

Valentine's Day Cocktails

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