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Pay it Forward: David Berry

Updated: Tuesday, November 26 2013, 06:05 PM EST

In today's tough economy FOX45 and First Mariner Bank are reaching out to help your neighbors who Pay It Forward with $250. This week's winner is David Berry.

At his weekly meeting of "Dads Works," David teaches men that life is filled with choices – and that choosing to be a great dad is the best choice they can make.

"I always believe if we could build a strong character in fathers and men we can build a strong home, a strong community," David said. "It's good for the whole state and the nation as well."

The fatherhood program, in Carroll County, is designed to help fathers become better men and for some, it has been a life-changing experience.

Bradley, a dad going through a divorce with two young kids, nominated David for the award. Before "Dads Works" Bradley said he struggled with controlling anger, communication skills and simply being a good dad. Today he says David's program has changed his life.

"My kids want to be with me, people want to be around me, where before I kind of secluded myself form everybody," Bradley said. "As long as you are a man and are looking to better yourself he's there to help you."

It's a will to work and a desire to be a better man that keeps David Berry 'Paying it Forward' day by day.

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Pay it Forward: David Berry

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